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Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Sangyoun Lee - Ninety-Nine Nights Interview (December 2005)

by Kikizo

Published 2005

Kikizo interviews Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Q Entertainment, and Phantagram CEO Sangyoun Lee about Ninety-Nine Nights in December 2005.

The interview of course centres on the Xbox 360 exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights, being made for the Xbox 360 (and later released in April 2006 in Japan, and later in other territories). Questions focus on the collaboration of the two people and studios to begin with, then the core of the interview is all about the games design and production. Finally, it finishes on some questions on the general future of both people and why the game was made in the first place.

You can find the original video page at Kikizo. Thanks to Kikizo for the video source.

Run time 00:27:15
Producer Kikizo
Production Company Kikizo
Audio/Visual Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps (kikizo_sd_n3_ninetyninenights_mizuguzhi_lee_vidint.wmv), Windows Media Video 9 640x480 25.00fps 928Kbps (kikizo_sd_n3_ninetyninenights_mizuguzhi_lee_vidint.wmv)
Language English and English Translated Japanese
Contact Information Kikizo; <a href="></a>



<ul><li>Difficulty of integrating teams at Q, Phantagram, MGS - English, Japanese, Korean - tough on translators...
</li><li>Over 100 people and 10 companies to make N3!
</li><li>"Like falling in love" - Mizuguchi
</li><li>Shared vision with Miz a surprise for Sangyoun Lee
</li><li>The key to collaboration is management - Miz
</li><li>Specific involvement of Mizuguchi

<ul><li>Timeframe for the game to come to western markets
</li><li>Localisation for western version already prepared
</li><li>Background to the game, story, war etc
</li><li>All characters have history, friends, background...
</li><li>Playing from all characters point of view, not one-sided
</li><li>Over 60 minutes of motion cap - like interactive movie
</li><li>"In game cinema is quality of prerendered"
</li><li>Number of levels, diversity of stages etc
</li><li>Depth of gameplay system - customisation of attacks, items etc
</li><li>Variety in enemies - different and/or identical kind?
</li><li>Sound not as integral to game as previous Miz games - or it it?
</li><li>Gameplay design based on classic 2D shooters like R-Type
</li><li>N3's music composer - from Istanbul, lives in LA, young, talented
</li><li>CPU power used for each enemy having its own AI
</li><li>Further optimisation plans?

<ul><li>"I didn't want to make a war game 5 years ago but 9/11 changed a lot - we can't stop war, fighting is in the DNA of a human being" - Miz
</li><li>"Perfect 360 dev compilers won't exist for another year" - Lee
</li><li>When to stop perfecting game optimisation?
</li><li>Past experiences of starting and managing own game companies for Miz and Lee
</li><li>"Being CEO and Director of major project at same time and doing it properly is not possible!" - Lee
</li><li>Future collaborations
</li><li>Mr Lee beaten at own game!


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